Friday, September 2, 2011

red king

Height: 147 feet

Length: Not Available

Mass: Not Available

Running Speed: moderate

Powers: None

Weaknesses: None
First Appearance: Ultra Galaxy: The Lawless Monster Planet

Other Appearances: Ultra Galaxy: The Stone Which Calls Monsters

Human Kills: None

Fight Record: Wins: 2, Losses: 2, Ties: 0

Home World: Planet

BoliasOrigin: Planet

BoliasType: Alien

History: When the ZAP SPACY crew landed on Planet Bolias to investigate a destroyed city, they came into contact with two monsters, Telesdon and Sadora! The two creatures began to fight, and they were at a stand still. That is, until Red King joined the fray! The beast stumbled upon the two monsters fighting and immediately set upon them. After brutally beating both monsters, Red King put Sadora in a choke hold. Sadora tried with all his might to escape, but Red King was stronger. Red King tossed the dead creature aside, but was not finished yet!The Pendragon crew had been watching, and Red King saw them! He immediately attacked them, but was ambushed by Telesdon. After some more brawling, Telesdon realized he couldn’t win and retreated underground. Red King was free to attack the Pendragon crew, but Rei appeared and summoned Gomola! After a brief battle, Gomola destroyed Red King with his Oscillatory Wave.A bit later on, Red King was revived by the monster Bulton, along with Telesdon and Neronga! Red King was defeated once again by Gomola.

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